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TDE | Windstar :  Windclan Leader by SaintPumpkinMuffin TDE | Windstar :  Windclan Leader by SaintPumpkinMuffin

Edit 7/9/13
.|| I've Updated the app! I changed her design a bit too, but only her body. C: ||.

Edit 7/12/13
.|| Added extra history and "Lives" information ||.

Basic Information

Name: Wind Windstar
Clan: Windclan
Sex: Female
Orientation: Straight
Breed: Siamese and/or Oriental mix
Start | 5 Cycles 4 Moons
Current | 5 Cycles 4 Moons
Birthday | Leaf-Bare

Position: Leader
Lives: 8/9
First Life:
Given by || Windstar's stillborn sister
Gift || "With this life, I give you energy. Use it well to hunt the wildest prey and fight the longest battles for your clan."

Second Life:
Given by || Windstar's Father
Gift || "With this life I give you courage. Use well to defend others who can't do so for themselves."

Third Life:
Given by || Windstar's Mother
Gift || "With this life, I give you humility. Use it well to see others equally as yourself."

Fourth Life:
Given by || Windstar's stillborn brother
Gift || "With this life, I give you love and forgiveness. Use it well to care for your clan above all else, like you would your kits... or family."

Fifth Life:
Given by || Windstar's ally, Red
Gift || "With this life, I give you wisdom to know when to act generously. Use it well to keep your clan safe from those that wish them harm."

Sixth Life:
Given by || Windstar's friend, Brillo
Gift || "With this life, I give you perseverance. Use it well to lead your clan and never allow them to give up or give in."

Seventh Life:
Given by || Windstar's sister, Ice
Gift || "With this life, I give you hope. Use it well to teach your clan to believe in the unknown future."

Eighth Life:
Given by || Kalea, the first Starclanner
Gift || ---

Ninth Life:
Given by || Mirodii, the first Starclanner
Gift || ---

Join Date: Cycle 1, Moon 1
Reason: Founder of her clan, Windstar (formerly known as Wind) formed her clan and claimed the moorland territory. Despite her solid leadership skills, she took Starclan's order begrudgingly. She knew leadership was needed to keep order, but SHARING leadership amongst four other cats was not what she had in mind. Honestly, she'd much rather have been left alone, though she did feel a great responsibility to lead her clan into greatness.

Heritage: Mother - ??? X Father - ???

Character Information


Proud | Short Tempered | Stubborn | Smart | Wily | Cynical | Loyal | Bashful | Motherly

Offending her is easy; after all, she takes great pride in her speed and prowness.

Short Tempered
She doesn't have the patience for instults or trespassers. She'll listen to you, but if you irritate her, prepare for some sharp tongue and even sharper claws if the time calls for it.

Windstar is adamant. She does not negotiate well because it... Partially brought on by her pride, she will never yield without a fight. Its her stubborness that kept her going despite the death of her kits and mate.

Her mind always is going as fast as her paws; she often thinks about different tactics to take on a situation. Her smarts is what helped inspired the "Sewer hunting" tactics. She learns quickly and can adapt to new prey. She notices patterns in the way the thunderpath works. Ties in with wily.

Crafty and sly as a fox, Windstar is skilled at gaining an advantage. Its what keeps her alive; she's not the strongest cat around, after all.

Quick to doubt, Windstar often doubts Starclan and their decisions. She is also distrustful of strangers and other clan cats.

No doubt that Windstar would sacrifice all her lives for her clan, if only to keep just one of her cats alive. They're her family now. And she'd remain loyal to them to a fault.

She is actually very, very bashful. Windstar believes she is gangly and all around abrasive. So when she gets a compliment, she'll blush, turn away and probably ignore you.

Windstar has a severe soft spot for kits. Maybe its because she lost her own. Either way, she behaves gently to kits and apprentices when no one is around to judge her or question her usually angry personality.


Before Birth

Wind was born to two rogues. Both lived tough lives; they were well equip for it, sporting thin, muscular, and fast bodies. They'd met in the twoleg city far off past the land that would eventually be populated by clan cats.


Wind was born to her parents as one of the two Non-stillborn in the litter. Her parents loved her and her sister dearly, and they took residence in an abandoned twoleg business building. Rats served as an abundant food source and light filtered in through the ceiling. The two rogues were content.
In their home, Wind was quite adventerous and explored all the floors, while her sister was much more content spending time with their parents. Something was uncomfortable about the old factory to Wind, though. It was tight, dark; everywhere the same still air with the same stale smell. The kit wasn't sure what she was missing, but the twoleg nest was not her ideal home.

One early morning, everything changed for the young she-cat. A giant metal monster, one very different from the ones that traveled the thunderpath outside the nest, crashed into the building. The giant black ball smashed through the walls, toppling metal, brick and dust. Wind barely escaped with her life. And she ran. Far from the building, far from her parents' horrible mews. She ran until her chest burned, through the streets, past the odd, bald, two-legged monsters. She found an alley. In the alley was the box she'd curl up in and stay in until she met him: Gorse.

Gorse, a young tom cat, discovered the kit. He cared for her, bringing her pigeons, rats and mice. He never said anything and never approached. Wind was curious but frightened. She didn't say a word to him for a very long time...
Finally, he said something.
"Are you mute or something?" He peered his big, bright yellow eyes from around the corner of Wind's cardboard box. He had to be only 8 moons old at the time, but he was much smaller than a cat his age. Wind's gut reaction was to be afraid, but she knew that it would only make her look more disheveled than she already was.

"Of course I can talk, mouse-brain!
Thus began their friendship.

:bulletyellow: Wind is born to two rogues and lives out most of her kithood with her sister, Ice, in an abandoned factory.
:bulletyellow: She flees when wrecking ball begins to destroy the building.
:bulletyellow: Wind meets Gorse, and still has not come into contact with Ice, who may be alive.

Young Rogue (Apprentice age)

Wind grew very close to the gray tabby, Gorse. As time went on they became a hunting pair and best friends. They hunted anywhere and anything; their favorite thing, however, was chasing the rats. They were the speediest prey around and Wind and Gorse loved to run.

One particularly rough Leafbare, the rats retreated underground, to the sewers. By this point, Gorse had hit a growth spurt. Wind, however, was thin, flexible and smart enough to invent and utilize a new hunting tactice. She squeezed into the drain pipes, scared out the rats, and all winter she and Gorse feasted.

While young cats, they befriend a loner by the name of Tansy as well as a Kittypet by the name Rosy. Rosy helps keep them safe on multiple occasions, showing them the secrets of the two-leg city. Wind's distaste for the city eventually causes the duo to split from her.

Eventually, the two wandered their way to the moors. Wind looked over the long grasses, wind whipping, scents everywhere. It seemed to her she'd finally made it; this place was made for her. Gorse and Wind found the perfect nest: an abandoned Badger hole under a thorny bush. They lived there peacefully for moons.

:bulletyellow: Wind and Gorse become best friends and live successfully in the two-leg city.
:bulletyellow: Wind and Gorse are aided by loners and kittypets alike; namely, Tansy the loner and Rosy the kittypet.
:bulletyellow: Wind creates and perfects the "Undergound Hunting Tactic".
:bulletyellow: Wind and Gorse eventually discover the Moorlands.

Adult Life / Leadership

Wind and Gorse hunted, stayed well fed, and... well, developed feelings for each other. Gorse asked Wind to be his mate, and she agreed hesitantly. Using the skills they developed in the city, they tracked and hunted rabbits underground. They encountered cats on the plains: ones they would eventually fight against and with in the Great Battle. Including Wind's sister, Ice.

Wind and Gorse, for most of their time on the moors, were never interested in associating with the many rogues that they happened upon. One moon though, the pair were approached by a tom by the name of Red. He was a part of a loose-knit of young cats, of which Ice was one. Wind recognized her sister during a time of negotiation, and hastily agreed to share her and Gorse's hunting grounds with them. Everything went surprisingly smoothly, although cynical Wind was constantly on guard. Wind and Ice reunited. The silvery-white she cat told her sister all that had happened after they'd been separated. None of it mattered all that much anymore, now that the pair were finally safe again. Wind even began to "bond" with some of the new cats. A very small, wiry and scrappy tom, Brillo, who claimed to be a former kittypet, could often be seen accompanying Gorse, Ice, and Wind on hunts (despite Wind's strong disapproval). Excluding Ice, Red and his very very companions, Wind often ignored or even fought against invading rogues. After the first Leaf-bare with Red's gang, Wind realized that prey was a hot commodity, and she became more and more defensive of her territory.

What led to the battle? For the two rogues, it was the constant invasion of the moorlands. Mainly Wind's frustration is what eventually brought Gorse, Wind and their very few followers to Fourtrees to decide what to do about the problem when the fighting broke out. Much to Windstar's horror, Ice had fallen in the battle. It might have been expected; after all, Ice was not one for fighting. Many of Red's followers also lay dead, and even more wouldn't be found. However, after being reassured by the ghostly image of Ice in her dreams, Wind felt empowered by her grief to do as her sister and the other ghosts said: Unite. The newly named Windstar and Gorseclaw gathered the fastest, most loyal and wily cats and led them into the heart of "Windclan", expanding their once lowly burrow into a huge camp to house the new cats. Underneath Windclan territory, the cats began expanding badger tunnels for their own uses.

With Gorseclaw as her deputy, Windstar kept her clan in order and happy for the first couple moons. She had her first ever litter of kits, and Windclan rejoiced. Everything seemed to be working out....

:new:Gorseclaw was struck down by a monster on the thunderpath, trying to protect the Clan's first medicine cat, Mothflight. Windstar could never forgive the she-cat, but after a sign from Starclan, the angry leader took back Mothwing. She tried to move on, but life was difficult without her old deputy and best friend. She would still have his kits to love... or so she hoped. Meanwhile, Windstar accepted her first apprentice; Scuttlepaw. The little she-cat had come close to loosing her own life at the wheels of a twoleg monster. Angry, Windstar renamed the crippled apprentice Twistedpaw, hoping to teach her clan a lesson and not considering how it would have made the apprentice feel, as she was too absorbed in frustration. Windstar rebuked Twistedpaw's mentor for his mistake and took Twistedpaw as her own, hoping to compensate for naming the little cat something so degrading. There was also no cat else Windstar trusted to train Twisted properly, with a crippled paw and all.

The first Leafbare was harsh; a strong bout of Greencough not only killed Windstar's kits, Twistedpaw's old mentor and Mothflight but took one of Windstar's lives. Catmint had not yet been discovered. After the deaths of her kits, Windstar became defensive, angry and lonely (Add that on to her already wily, cynical, and short-tempered personality). Only the love and loyalty of her clan kept her going. Now, a full year after the battle, she strives to keep her cats safe from the other clans, as well as The Cause, who lives right on their doorstep.

:bulletyellow: Gorse and Wind become mates.
:bulletyellow: Wind and Gorse led their land to Red and his few friends, as Wind attempts to get close to Ice again.
:bulletyellow: After their first Leaf-bare on the moors, Wind and Gorse realize they can't be as lenient with sharing land as they thought. Wind aggressively beings defending her territory from rogues.
:bulletyellow: Wind and Gorse lead Red, Ice and their few allies to Fourtrees, where Ice is killed, along with a majority of Red's gang, including Gorse's and Wind's friend, Brillo.
:bulletyellow: Some of Red's cats are missing... could they still be alive?
:bulletyellow: Wind is named Windstar and begins Windclan.

:bulletyellow: Moons pass and Windstar has kits with Gorseclaw. Not long after, Gorseclaw is killed on the thunderpath.
:bulletyellow: The Green-cough epidemic in the following leaf-fall kills many Windclanners, including Wind's kits and the clan's medicine cat. It also takes Windstar's first life.
:bulletyellow: Windstar becomes distant for a couple moons, but with the change into new-leaf is managing to stay collected.

Current History/Recently Added and Updated

Windclan's medicine cat, Raven, and his apprentice went missing in the first weeks of the clans' second New-Leaf. Their unexplained disappearance forced Windstar had to choose a new Medicine cat. However, she procrastinated with choosing... Did any of her cats have the experience and age it took to be responsible for the life (or even DEATH) of their clanmates? She felt that to have such a burden was to heavy a task for the cats before her, and many had little to no herbal knowledge... Thankfully, on a patrol, her decision was made for her. Tansy. The lanky, gruff yellow tom from her younger days, had happened upon the moors. Their friendship reignited by their recollections, Windstar offers Tansy a place in her clan. Aware of his extensive herbal knowledge, Windstar asked an even larger request; if he would be Windclan's new medicine cat.
Tansy agrees, and is renamed Crookedwhisker (Stop being a jerk, Wind...)

:bulletyellow: Windclan's Med cats go missing, and Windstar appoints Crookedwhisker.

Addtional/Exta Information


Seen Traits:
Brown Fur | Spotting Pattern | Short Fur
Amber eyes | Ear Spots | Long Tail

Carried/Unseen Passable Traits:
Marbel Tabby Markings | Blue Eyes | Gray Fur | Siamese points

Mate/Relationship Status

Current Mate:
Past Mate(s):

Searching For...
:bulletred: Searching for a Mate
:bulletred: Neutral
:bulletgreen: Not Interested

Pale eyes, Intelligence, Boldness
Whiners, Self-Righteous, Too Silly


Focuses of Mentorship/Specializes
- Hunting
- Speed
- Using your enemies size against them


Current Apprentice

Past Apprentices

Random Quirks

:bulletyellow: Windstar's favorite prey is Rabbit; a close second is rat, if you'd believe it
:bulletyellow: She believes that Starclan abuses their "powers", but that comes with being a cynic
:bulletyellow: Windstar hates the Leafbare; Greenleaf is what she prefers
:bulletyellow: She would never admit it, but Windstar hopes to have kits again someday
:bulletyellow: Windstar is one of the very few Windclan cats who know how to properly hunt rabbits underground

Relationships Information

:bulletpurple: Family
:skull: Dead
:star: Mentor/Apprentice

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Admire
:bulletorange: Irritating/Annoying
:bulletorange::bulletorange: Jealous of
:bulletgreen:Best Friends
:bulletpink::bulletpink:Prominent/Solitary Crush
:bulletwhite:Can't Live Without

- Windclan

:bulletyellow:/:bulletblue:| Kestrelfire | Tom | 3 Cycles 10 Moons | Deputy
"..." No thoughts as of yet

:bulletyellow:/:bulletblue::bulletblue:| Crookedwhisker | Tom | 3 Cycles 5 Moons | Medicine Cat
"He can be hard to get used to; he might even be more standoffish than I am. I appreciated what he did for Gorse... now I'm returning the favor. Plus I trust him completely with the health of my clan, which is something I don't say lightly. "

- Riverclan

:bulletblack::bulletblack:/:bulletyellow: | Riverstar | 5 Cycles | Tom | Leader
"..." No thoughts as of yet

- Shadowclan

:bulletblack::bulletblack:/:bulletyellow: | Shadowstar| 2 Cycles 10 Moons | She-cat | Leader
"..." No thoughts as of yet

- Thunderclan

:bulletblack::bulletblack:/:bulletyellow: | Thunderstar | 5 Cycles 2 Moons | Tom | Leader
"..." No thoughts as of yet

- Skyclan

:bulletblack:/:bulletyellow: | Skystar | 4 Cycles 8 Moons | She-cat | Leader
"..." No thoughts as of yet

- The Cause


Roleplay Information/Example

A cat against a badger? It wasn't unheard of...

Yet Windstar couldn't help but to doubt her chances. The lumbering brute swayed it's head, trying to see through its tiny eyes. She hissed, sounding more annoyed than angry. She looked down at the kit in mewing between her paws. Stupid kit. It was all its fault. But Windstar smiled down at it, murmering in a calming tone: "Shush, little warrior."
The she-cat looked back up toward the badger, who lingered at the mouth of the burrow. It was confused; a cat? Underground? Windstar narrowed her eyes. How could she out manauver a badger...

The truth was, she couldn't. Not in a badger tunnel. If this dumb kit hadn't snuck into Windclan territory from WHO KNOWS WHERE and practically thrown itself into the badger's mouth, Windstar wouldn't be about to lose a life.

One thing was for sure: the cunning, brave Windclan leader wasn't about to roll over and die like a mouse. She unsheathed her claws."What are you waiting for, Fox-breath!?" She exploded, surging forward and slicing the black and white beast's nose. It reared up, smashing into the tunnel ceiling, causing trickles of dirt to shower the two cats.

As stone's rained on the kit, it mewed in pain. Windstar whipped her head around. Waiting wasn't working. Neither was fighting. The she-cat rolled her eyes, sagging her shoulders. She gripped the kit's scruff firmly. The badger was still distracted by the blood bubbling from its clawmark. Starclan, you better not let me down here. The leader dashed forward, the little kit bouncing against her legs. She lept. She landed squarely on the badger's face and, sinking in her hind claws, thrusted her shoulders through the soil. Open air had to be close...
Her back broke the surface; Windstar scrambled through the loose, dry soil, stretching to keep the kit above ground as the she-cat swallowed dirt. If only my clan could see me now... she mused.

Stat Point Tracker, Stats, Age Point Tracker and Neutral Point Tracker


Total Accumulated Stat Points: 0
Current Points: 0
Starting Points: 44

Completed Tasks:


Total Stats.: 44
Hunt: 8
Endurance: 2
Battle: 3
Speed: 13
Tactic: 10
Tunneling: 8

Activity Checks/Age Points

Activity Check Tracker:

Neutral Point Tracker

Total Accumulated Neutral Points: 0
Current Neutral Points: 0

Art and Plot (c) *whospeakspizza
Original concept to Erin Hunter
Icons (c) *starsightsw2007
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