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March 25, 2013
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TDE | Ollie : The Cause Henchman by SaintPumpkinMuffin TDE | Ollie : The Cause Henchman by SaintPumpkinMuffin

Edit 7/10/13
.|| UPDATED ARRRTTT. I know... his face is crooked but I swear I spent an hour just trying to fix it. SO I gave up. I also changed his breed and design ever so slightly. ||.

Basic Information

Name: 01113 Ollie
Affilation: The Cause
Sex: Male
Orientation: Pansexual
Breed: 50% Maine Coon, 25% Manx, 25% Moggy
Age: 2 cycles 1 moon

Position: Henchman
Lives: 2/2

Join Date:

Heritage: Mother - ??? X Father - ???

Character Information


Hyperactive | Tactical and Calculating | Docile | Contemplative of Ethics | Dirty Fighter | Covetous | Attached | Quirky | Gentle | Generous

Not in the usual sense, sense Ollie is hyperactive. He doesn't run around like a spaz. He instead is constantly twitching; he mostly figdets with his paws, ears, tail and neck. Such sudden spasms are a little unnerving to watch, but in actuality Ollie hates his twitches and energetic movements, as he tries not to scare others accidentally.

Tactical and Calculating
One thing Ollie is good at is thinking things through. He addresses every problem at every angle. This is one of the reasons he makes a good henchman. He also is very adaptive to other situations. He has a VERY in depth understanding of twoleg things as well, and throughout his travels has come up with words to classify different objects the twolegs are associated with.

It is part of his original personality; he respects his authority. He follows his instruction to a Tee and behaves like a shadow to Howl. And though he's happy to be told what to do, he does have a strong sense of protective instinct over his cats, which make him a good leader. He would do anything for them, even lead (gasp the horror).

Contemplative of Ethics
Ollie is a bit of a philosopher. He focuses his thoughts on the society of cats; clan or streetcat alike. He attempts to determine the cause and outcome of their actions. Maybe he does this to prove to himself that his cruel actions are not inherently evil. Or that he is.

Dirty Fighter
Ollie is stocky and powerful. He shouldn't need to fight dirty, but when he's in the heat of battle, he loses all sense. While Ollie is merciful outside of fights, he simply reverts to a savage wildcat when fighting. He'll not hesitate to kill an opponent. Afterwards he is likely to feel disgusted with himself.

Ollie is very lustful. He wants and is jealous of those that have. He keeps it to himself, but the tom wants to be respected like Howl, and to have his speaking skills. It even determines his behavior in some aspects.

Simply, it is difficult for Ollie to feel for a cat, since he is slightly suspicious that other cats believe him to be a freak. That's why when he makes a friend or alliance, he is very attached to them. He will rely on them for most of his socialization needs instead of talking to new cats.

As mentioned, Ollie is twitchy and laughs too often at the wrong times. But besides that, Ollie also talks riddles to himself and answers his own questions. Whether he hear voices or not is to be determined.

Surprisingly, Ollie is non-violent for the most part. He almost always refuses to partake in physical confrontation. Only when the cats in The Cause are threatened will he fight for them. He is merciful to unaffiliated cats and tends to give the benefit of the doubt.

Although Ollie appears aloof (giving the impression that he thinks he's better than others, which is very much NOT THE CASE) he's very generous with his aid. He gladly gives others kills or his help and ear if they are in need of it. That is, if you can find Ollie. He's often to busy wandering around to actually devote time to help you.


Before Birth

Ollie's mother was a streetcat who was born and raised in an enourmous two-leg city. She was quite savvy with the streets... not so much with defending herself. No suprise that Ollie's true father could not ever be determined; he has quite the multitude of half sibilings all from the same litter.


Ollie was born in an alley. Here he and his littermates were watched carefully by their mother, who taught her kits the basics of rat hunting at a very young age. Ollie was always the smartest and most curious of the litter. It was no suprise that his trouble causing ways are what alerted a young male two-leg to the family's nest.

The two-leg took the cat family into his appartment. He attempted to give them all loving homes, deciding to keep the mother himself. He found owners for all the kits, including Ollie. Only, despite the two-leg's best intentions, Ollie was given to a pair of scientists, never to live a kittypet life.

Young Rogue (Apprentice age)

Ollie, or 01113 as he was labled, grew within the concrete confines of an animal experimentation lab on the outskirts of the city. The tom was test for bain activity in different emotional environments; it required a device be implanted in his brain. The two-legs would bring him out of his cage daily to pulg the cords to the device and interpret the readings.

Meanwhile, Ollie was miserable. He was quiet and detached from other cats for many moons. He remembered what it was like to not have constant headaches and walls around him. And he hoped to one day be free of this place. Ollie slowly began to forget his family. He only had one goal. To be free from the lab. Afterall, that's what the voices kept telling him to do.

The young cat managed to aquire the aid of some other cats within the lab. Ollie was able to use them to escape while they proved to be the perfect distraction. As Ollie fled, he couldn't help but to question his tactics, as he had lied to his allies. He decided that it had been nessesary.

Adult Life / Henchman-ship

Ollie became a sure-hit when it came to rat hunting. He survived off of them, and continued through the city with no known goal. He met many cats along the way, but many shunned him due to the metalic device sprouting from his head. Thankfully, after some moons, scar tissue developed over the man-made device. No fur would ever grow there again. Ollie, or 01113 became somewhat approachable. He still, however, did not have a purpose or even a name for himself.

It was then that during one of his hunting sessions Ollie met an old Kittypet who had a basic understanding of Two-leg writing. Misinterpreting Ollie's "01113" tag for the name "OLLIE", the old cat began refering the younger tom as such. Ollie adopted it without question, but after the old cat's two-legs attempted to take him to the cutter, the young cat decided he'd over stayed his welcome and fled.

Eventually he reached the forest.

The first forest cat to come in contact with the wild, twitchy Ollie was Howl. Howl, similarly to the old kittypet, did not show aggression or fear towards Ollie's odd....ness. Ollie decided that this "Cause" was a noble endevor, and chose to join Howl, quickly proving his intellect and strength and gaining the rank of Henchman.

Addtional/Exta Information


Seen Traits:
Tabby Markings | Strong Build | Green Eyes
White Markings | Black Nose | Black Chin

Carried/Unseen Passable Traits:
Calico | Blue Eyes | Orange Fur

Mate/Relationship Status

Current Mate:
Past Mate(s):

Searching For...
:bulletred: Searching for a Mate
:bulletgreen: Neutral
:bulletred: Not Interested

Stubborn, Quiet, Gentle
White fur, Masculine, Moody


Focuses of Mentorship/Specializes
- Philosophy
- Fighting
- Rat hunting


Current Apprentice

Past Apprentices

Random Quirks

:bulletgreen: Ollie's personality is meant to be conflicting; he's just as confused as you are
:bulletgreen: He is very young, but mentally older than he appears
:bulletgreen: Ollie never stays in the barn for long periods of time
:bulletgreen: Although he's okay with being subordinate to cats he admires, he'll be passive aggressive if cats he doesn't trust order him around
:bulletgreen: He's got a bunch of Kittypet siblings out there somewhere

Relationships Information

:bulletpurple: Family
:skull: Dead
:star: Mentor/Apprentice

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Admire
:bulletgreen:Best Friends
:bulletpink::bulletpink:Prominent/Solitary Crush
:bulletwhite:Can't Live Without

- Windclan

:bulletblack::bulletblack:/:bulletblack:| Windstar| She-cat | 5 Cycles | Leader
"..." No thoughts as of yet

- Riverclan

:bulletblack::bulletblack:/:bulletblack: | Riverstar | 5 Cycles | Tom | Leader
"..." No thoughts as of yet

- Shadowclan

:bulletblack::bulletblack:/:bulletblack: | Shadowstar | 2 Cycles 10 Moons | She-cat | Leader
"..." No thoughts as of yet

- Thunderclan

:bulletblack::bulletblack:/:bulletblack: | Thunderstar | 5 Cycles 2 Moons | Tom | Leader
"..." No thoughts as of yet

- Skyclan

:bulletblack::bulletblack:/:bulletblack: | Skystar | ??? | Male | Leader
"..." No thoughts as of yet

- The Cause

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow:/:bulletblue: | Howl | 2 Cycles 11 Moons | Male | Leader
"..." No thoughts as of yet

Roleplay Information/Example

The dark tom looked out the crack between the Old Barn's front doors. The gray afternoon light trickled in through the same opening, and raindrops casted tiny shadows on the concrete floor around Ollie's paws. He sucked in air quickly, flattening his ears for a moment before they returned to twitching. His breath brought the smell of dampness and mildew to his nose.... and the smell of cats. The Old Barn was full of them. The thought caused Ollie to scrape a claw nervously against the floor. He knew that he should feel confident around the followers, but he couldn't. They can tell you're a freak...

The hair along his spine stood on end as he reflected. Ollie couldn't have felt confident around any cat. These cats were foreign to him. He couldn't tell what they thought, why they thought it... He couldn't predict their actions because he did not KNOW them.

Ollie sloutched his strong shoulders. They were like his protection; he hoped that maybe they could block out the other cats, leaving him alone to watch the rain pound outside.

Stat Point Tracker, Stats, Age Point Tracker and Neutral Point Tracker


Total Accumulated Stat Points: 0
Current Points: 0
Starting Points: 36

Completed Tasks:


Total Stats.: 36
Hunt: 6
Endurance: 6
Battle: 10
Speed: 4
Tactic: 6
??? (Cunning?): 4

Activity Checks/Age Points

Activity Check Tracker:

Neutral Point Tracker

Total Accumulated Neutral Points: 0
Current Neutral Points: 0

Art and character (c) *whospeakspizza
Icons (c) *starsightsw2007
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